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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Where to advertise?

Start running the ads in the thousands of online free classified ad networks available to you.

Get Paid to Advertise Your Business

Craigslist - Craigslist is a great place to place as many free ads as you would like.  We suggest you post ads on here everyday to see the best results.

***Place Business Opportunity ads in Craigslist under Services in the Small Biz and Financial Ad section***
(WARNING: You Can Only Place 3 Biz Op Ads In Craigslist Per Phone Verified Account. Multiple Postings Will Be Flagged For Removal…Don’t Risk Posting More Than 3 Ads Per Account! ALSO make sure you change your titles for each ad
 - Backpage is another great place to post free ads.  This is like Craigslist, however you can post in the business opportunity section.  Post daily to see the best results.

The next two you should focus on are AdPost and USFreeAds Post daily ads on these two networks as well and make sure to place ads in the business opportunity sections.

Additional free online classified networks:

Want even more places?
You can simply do a search on google for free classfied sites
Here's some additional tips for running classfied ads:

First of all, here's a couple of quotes that have inspired me to build a successful online marketing business... Media mogul, Ted Turner is famous for saying: "Early to bed, early to rise ... Work like hell, and advertise." Ted is the successful entrepreneur who created CNN and many other 
services that have touched millions of lives... His words have inspired me. Maybe they'll inspire you too. 

In this business, you can go to bed late... you can sleep in until noon... you can even work in your pajamas if you want to... but you must  if you want to succeed

More Sample Ads For FaceBook Or Classfied Ads

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Get started today and start Promoting your MCA Business

Use FREE Classified AD
Use FREE Classified Ads To Reach Thousands Of Prospects Daily!

Online classified advertisements have been proven to be an effective method of generating targeted free opt-in subscribers every week.

And because these types of ads are 100% free all you need to do to make this marketing method work for you is to be consistant with placing new ads everyday through various online services.

The key to success with free advertising is real simple - "QUANTITY".  Free ads without a doubt work and are very effective but they take time.  That's why they are free.  The secret is to get out as many as you can on a consistant basis.  The more income you want, the more ads you will want to post.

I remember back when I first got online and started marketing this was how I started to build my list up.  It's going to take the consistant daily activity of running these new free ads across a network of online classified ads over 15, 30 or even 60 days that will start to get you good results.

 Lets get you started on what to do.

It's really very simple!

I have pre-written ads for you that I am using that already work!
All you have to do to put this technique to work is visit the suggested online classified networks below, create a free account and then COPY & PASTE the ads!

It doesn't get ANY easier than this, my friend
Follow the steps below to get started now:

Step 1: Copy any of the classified ads here or get creative and test some of your own. 

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