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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Few reasons new business will flop

Most entrepreneurs charge into the marketplace with high hopes of success, but many face crushing disappointment when their businesses fail. In fact, the number of small-business exits exceeded the number of start-ups for the first time this year. While 400,000 new businesses are being created annually, 470,000 are closing, leaving a deficit of 70,000.

Not all business exits are failures -- sometimes an owner gets a job or retires -- but some of them undoubtedly are. And often it's because the owners got blindsided by factors they did not anticipate.
"A lot of companies fail unexpectedly," said attorney Andrew Sherman, a partner at Jones Day in Washington, D.C.,who advises businesses on issues affecting growth and strategy. "They fail by surprise; they don't have any safety belt."
The good news? "A lot of risks can be averted, but only if you plan for them," Sherman said

Empty pockets
"The No. 1 reason people fail is, they run out of money," said David Goldin, CEO and president of AmeriMerchant, a provider of merchant cash advances.
Research bears him out. The report, produced by Babson College and other universities, found that the top reasons for discontinuing a business in the U.S. were problems obtaining financing and lack of profitability -- problems that plagued more than half of businesses that shut their doors. Only a few economies had more exits triggered by these problems: Japan, Korea, Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain.
Of course, it's not just failure to raise money that can lead a business to fizzle. Many high-revenue businesses suffer from poor cash flow. They can't make payroll or keep the lights on because there's a big gap between when they finish their projects and when they get paid -- sometimes due to simple problems, like failing to invoice promptly.
It's not a rookie mistake: About 37 percent of experienced business owners sometimes fall short of the cash they need to cover business expenses.

Sometimes the critics of a new business concept are right: Founders are wasting their time on an idea that's a dud or is ill-timed -- and haven't done enough testing or market research to find that out. "If you're not keeping up with the trends, there's a good chance customers won't purchase your services," AmeriMerchant's David Goldin said.
"I advise entrepreneurs not to be bullheaded about an idea when everyone is saying the idea doesn't work,"

A poor pricing strategy
What consumers tell market researchers they are willing to spend doesn't always sync up with reality. Until you test your pricing in the marketplace, it's hard to tell if potential customers will actually pay what you plan to charge. Another common hazard is failing to price a company's offerings in a way that allows a profit. You have to test test and test your market.

Dueling partners
There's nothing wrong with spirited debate among founders -- some level of it is healthy for governance -- but when there's constant conflict or one partner checks out emotionally, it can destroy the team's morale.
"A lack of collaboration and communication by and among the co-founders looks like parents fighting in anticipation of a divorce," Jones Day attorney Andrew Sherman said.

Most businesses feed off the owner's energy and excitement -- and there's plenty of it to go around right now. A recent survey by Manta, the online social network for small businesses, found that 83 percent of owners were optimistic about the second half of the year.
When that eagerness to succeed is missing -- which can happen for many reasons -- the business can quickly die on the vine.

A stale marketing message
Big companies know that it's vital to refresh their brand. Even car-rental giant Avis, which stuck with its classic "We try harder" tagline for 50 years, updated it in 2012 with a new one -- "It's your space" -- which touts the comfortable interiors of its cars.
Small companies that lack the marketing budgets of corporate giants often neglect this side of the business—to their peril. The National Small Business Association's found that only 46 percent of respondents planned to try new advertising and marketing strategies in 2014.
If you haven't given any thought to your branding recently or are using the same piece of direct mail you used four years ago, that's a warning sign you could soon be running the business that time forgot.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Some of the Worst Jobs for the Future

Two years ago, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that overall employment would increase 14.8% by 2020; the latest projection is 10.8% growth by 2022. "When they made those rosier projections, they didn't realize how slow this rebound was going to be," says labor force expert Laurence Shatkin.

Some career fields are in worse shape than others. Here are a few struggling professions that you might want to think twice about entering. All are shedding positions rapidly, most are saddled with below-average pay and many come with high stress levels, based on such factors as time pressure and having to deal with unpleasant people.

   Floral Designer

Total number of U.S. workers: 46,490
10-year growth projection:

 Future job prospects are wilting for floral designers. Budget- and convenience-conscious consumers are opting to buy fresh-cut flowers from grocery stores instead of elaborate arrangements from florists. So if your heart is set on a floral-focused future, look for a position with a grocery store, where demand for floral designers is expected to grow by 7%; employment in stand-alone flower shops is projected to fall by 22%

 Total number of U.S. workers: 74,060
10-year growth projection: -11.1%
 The bike messenger could be going the way of the Pony Express. The ability to share documents and other files via e-mail and the cloud is putting a big dent in the courier business. Similar shifts are hurting the U.S. Postal Service. Mail-carrier positions will be reduced by an estimated 26.8% by 2022. "Routes and sorting can be done more and more by computer now," says career expert Shatkin. "So there are a lot less people needed to move stuff around."

 Ticket Agent
 Total number of U.S. workers: 141,900
10-year growth projection:  -14.0%Travel is stressful, not just for the travelers themselves but also for the people who work in the industry. Ticket agents at airports, railroad depots and bus stations often absorb the brunt of travelers' frustrations. So it's no surprise that these workers report one of the highest stress levels on this list, mostly related to having to accept criticism, deal with angry people and handle time pressures.
 Adding to their stress, the need for ticket agents is dwindling due to advances in technology. Travelers can now book their own tickets online, print itineraries and boarding passes at home (or download them to mobile devices), and check in at self-service kiosks.

  Office Machine Operator

 Total number of U.S. workers: 66,840
10-year growth projection: -10.2%

 Overall, office and administrative support occupations are expected to grow 6.8%, but several positions that require less skill and training have landed near the bottom of our job rankings. Office machine operators, who handle photocopying, scanning, shredding and other similar tasks, are among the unlucky ones. "As more and more paper documents are replaced by electronic documents, these tasks lose importance and the workers who do them are less necessary," explains career expert Shatkin.

 Total number of U.S. workers: 43,630
10-year growth projection: -13.8%
 The ongoing shift toward the digital consumption of news continues to pressure newspaper and magazine publishers, as well as television and radio broadcasters. While it's true that more money is being earned online as a result, it's not enough to offset the revenue lost to declining advertising and subscriptions. And if reporters and correspondents didn't already have enough stress thanks to deadlines and the pressure to get the facts straight, the rise of media conglomerates has shrunk the number of positions as newsrooms have merged.

  Data Entry Clerk
 Total number of U.S. workers: 207,660
10-year growth projection: -24.6%
The largest pool of workers on this list of worst jobs is also losing the most positions at the fastest pace. Another casualty of the digital age, data entry clerks, who typically enter print information into computer databases, are losing their usefulness as more data is being collected already in electronic form.

  Electronic Equipment Assembler
 Total number of U.S. workers: 203,880
10-year growth projection: -6.8%
 Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers build electric motors, computers and other such devices that can be used in all types of military systems, medical equipment and elsewhere. While some of this work is still done by hand, much of the work is already performed by automated systems because the parts are too small or fragile for human handling. And even more of the work may be taken on by automation or be otherwise handled in more-efficient ways, requiring fewer human hands.

   Switchboard Operator
 Total number of U.S. workers: 118,060
10-year growth projection: -13.2%

 Automated answering services are rapidly replacing their human predecessors as switchboard operators, and the trend shows no signs of flagging. (Note: These are not call-center jobs; these are the people who answer the phone for businesses, respond to basic questions and transfer calls.) The lowest-skilled operators are particularly vulnerable to job loss.

   Metal and Plastic Grinding Tool Operator  
 Total number of U.S. workers: 70,910
10-year growth projection: -12.6%

 Employment in U.S. manufacturing as a whole is expected to grow by less than 1%, adding 75,600 new jobs. That's not much, but at least it's still moving in a positive direction. But certain manufacturing jobs are less promising because much of the work can be done more efficiently by machines or more affordably abroad. Along with grinding tool operators, who remove excess material, sharpen edges and smooth surfaces of metals and plastics, machine operators specializing in cutting, slicing, extruding or forming also are faring poorly.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

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