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Tuesday, October 29, 2013




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Monday, October 28, 2013


Some of us have been guilty of trying to do the job alone while performing aircraft maintenance, This has resulted in dinged wing tips and tail fairings while moving aircraft and strained backs and mashed fingers while replacing components. Although costly, painful, and embarrassing, they are minor when compared to the following. May your consequences never be as severe as this person experienced.

Dear Sirs:

I am writing in response to your request for additional information. In block number three of the accident reporting form, I put "trying to do the job alone" as the cause of my accident. You said in your letter that I should explain more fully, and I trust that the following details will be sufficient.

I am a bricklayer by trade. On the day of the accident, I was working alone on the roof of a new six-story building. When I completed my work, I discovered that I had about 500 pounds of brick left over. Rather than carry the bricks down by hand, I decided to lower them in a barrel by using a pulley which fortunately was attached to the side of the building at the sixth floor.

Securing the rope at ground level, I went up to the roof, swung the barrel out, and loaded the bricks into it. Then I went back to the ground floor and untied the rope, holding it tightly to insure a slow descent of the 500 pounds of brick. You will note in block number 11 of the accident reporting form that I weigh 145 pounds.

Due to my surprise at being jerked off the ground so suddenly, I lost my presence of mind and forgot to let go of the rope. Needless to say, I proceeded at a rapid rate up the side of the building.

In the vicinity of the third floor, I met the barrel coming down. This explains the fractured skull and broken collarbone.

Slowed only slightly, I continued my rapid ascent, not stopping until the fingers of my hand were two knuckles deep into the pulley. Fortunately by this time I had regained my presence of mind and was able to hold tightly to the rope in spite of my pain.

At approximately the same time , however , the barrel of bricks hit the ground, and the bottom fell out of the barrel.  Devoid of the weight of the bricks, the barrel now weighed approximately 50 pounds.

I refer you again to my weight in block number 11.  As you might imagine, I began a rapid descent down the side of the building.

In the vicinity of the third floor, I met the barrel coming up. This accounts for the two fractured ankles and the lacerations on my legs and lower body.

The encounter with the barrel slowed me enough to lessen my injuries when I fell onto the pile of bricks and, fortunately, only three vertebrae were cracked.

I am sorry to report, however, that as I lay there on the bricks, in pain and unable to stand, and watching the empty barrel six stories above me, I again lost my presence of mind ---and let go of the rope. The empty barrel weighed more than the rope so it came back down on me and broke both my legs.

I hope I have furnished the information you require as to how the accident occurred.

NOTE: Although amusing, this article makes painfully clear the seriousness of trying to do the JOB ALONE. Work with the winning team More information                   


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Sunday, October 27, 2013


              For as long as you can remember --you were trained to go out get a job and work that job until you retire and live out the rest of your life worry free. In Columbus day they believed the earth was flat. This is called a cultural trance. The real world is a whole lot different. INFLATION is soaking up your income faster than you can make it. There are too many symbolic hands digging deep in your pockets pulling out money faster than you can make it.  Job dissatisfaction isn’t occurring because they don’t like what they’re doing at work. It comes from the fact that their job doesn’t allow them to enjoy the rest of their life. They work forty (or more) hours per week and feel so burnt out by the time Friday rolls around that they can barely muster up the energy to spend time with friends and family.

Most people’s day from Monday to Friday looks something like this:
–      Wake up earlier than you want to.
–      Get stuck in traffic on the way to work.
–      Feel stressed all day at work.
–      Go home and throw a frozen dinner in the microwave because you’re too tired to cook.
–      Plop down in front of the TV because you’re too exhausted to do anything else.
–      Go to bed later than you meant to.
–      Repeat.

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A typical job you can work hard, get promoted and still get crushed under the rise of inflation and too many hands withdrawing money from your wallet. The odds are stacked against you, especially if you are trying to do it alone. Just look at the numbers most people are barely making it paycheck to paycheck. I JUST WANT TO COMMEND YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE SEARCHING AND LOOKING TO BREAK FREE FROM THIS TRAP AND THE 9 TO 5 GRIND. YOU HAVE FOUND THE COMPANY,THE TEAM AND INFORMATION THAT WHEN APPLIED WILL BE A HUGE LIFE CHANGER FOR YOU. CLICK ON THE CHECK OUT THE COMPENSATION PLAN.